Factory Workers Jobs In New Zealand

Factory Workers Jobs In New Zealand

If you are looking for the latest factory working jobs, then you come to the right place. In this article, I am sharing the best Factory worker jobs in New Zealand that help you to make your decision faster. So stick with us till the end of the article!

What does a Factory Worker do?

In factories, factory workers perform a variety of tasks. These include operating machines to produce a variety of products. Other tasks may include sorting, checking, packing, or assembly. The position is typically found in an industrial setting. The canning, beverage, candy, and dairy industries, as well as pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical industry, and the leather industry, employ many people.

Factory Worker Tasks

  • Check for and remove defective products after sorting the products and performing quality control.
  • Pack products in standard boxes or containers when shipping or storing them.
  • Produce products by automating methods and temperatures.
  • To prevent accidents and fulfill requirements, adhere to safety procedures.
  • Health and safety compliance requires a clean work area.
  • The next step in assembly is to assemble products.

Company Name: Agoge Recruitment

Job Time: Full Time

Location: Auckland Central

Experience: No Experience Required

Salary: $22.50 per hour

Position: Permanent

Timing: Day Shift which is from 6 am to 6 pm

About Company

Andy Nicol founded Agoge in Hamilton, New Zealand, as a transportation and logistics recruiting agency in 2003. With the growth of our branch network, we have built our brands and been able to connect with several great businesses in New Zealand, offering them a full-service human resource partner. Our business is socially responsible and supports several organizations. Thus, we make money so we can do good around the world and in our communities.

Position Work

  • Supporting the manufacturing process and operating machines.
  • Usually lifts 25 kilograms or more
  • Make sure you are an active person with good speaking skills.


  • Although prior experience or transferable skills are not mandatory, they may be helpful.
  • As you will be standing for long periods and lifting up to 25KGs often, you need to be physically fit
  • Trustworthiness and reliability are highly valued, as is having a strong sense of worth ethic!

Working for a highly regarded brand with an amazing team culture is extremely rewarding. Thus, this job offers job security, a flexible working schedule, and opportunities for career development! A salary of $22.50 an hour is based on experience for this full-time, permanent position in Mount Wellington. Work hours for this role are from 6 am to 6 pm.