Cleaner Jobs in Canada

Cleaners, or light duty cleaners, are responsible for cleaning and maintaining office spaces, hotels, resorts, hospitals, schools, and private homes. The room is disinfected and swept, trash-emptied, and resupplied with supplies. Cleaning special materials, such as radioactive materials, requires special training. If you are moving and looking for the best Cleaner Jobs in Canada, then our article is going to be helpful for you.

What Do They Do?

Cleaners keep office spaces and buildings clean and maintain their maintenance. The room staff also replenishes toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels in the bathroom. Businesses give cleaners a detailed list of tasks to complete daily or weekly. 

Depending on the industry or the workplace, Cleaners have different types of jobs. Specialized cleaners take care of industry-specific sanitation and maintenance, while light-duty cleaners sweep and dust. The Cleaning functions of a Cleaner who works in healthcare will differ from those performed by a Cleaner in a hotel.

Housekeeping/House Cleaner

Company Name: No More Chores

Job Type: Cleaning

Timing: Both Full and Part-Time available

Salary: 25-30$ per Hour

Location: Toronto, Canada, and Surrounding Area

Shift: Morning and Afternoons

About Company

Our cleaning services will leave your home perfectly clean and give you back hours of your time – for a very reasonable price. Keeping up with chores takes a lot of time. Aren’t you more likely to enjoy what you do if you spend less time cleaning?

It’s never been easier to book a cleaning with our lightning-fast booking system. To book a time and date, please visit our booking page. Your cleaning appointment will be confirmed once the booking has been confirmed. After that, simply relax and know that the house is in good hands.


  • Our rental homes are clean and well maintained, as are our Airbnb listings and vacation properties for rent
  • Mopping the kitchen, living room, and dining room after sweeping, dusting, and mopping.
  • Set the client’s expectations ahead of cleaning by doing an assessment
  • Independent and intelligent worker

Most employers prefer at least one year of experience for Cleaners at entry-level, though they do not usually require experience at entry-level. Candidates with two to four years of experience are commonly sought by larger companies and companies with unique cleaning requirements. The average cleaning specialist needs five years of experience. 

An associate’s degree is preferred. Recommendations may also be considered, as may several years of experience. Cleaning professionals can earn certificates or completion awards through various training programs. Some businesses, including the healthcare industry, may require special requirements.